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Passion in Every Bite

We use fresh ingredients with every recipe being made from scratch. We personally will design and create your bespoke order. Although, we are a huge fan of Pinterest; we will only use your photo as inspiration, as we will pull your favorite aspects from your inspiration cake/s and bring that to life making it personalized for you! 

Order Guidelines:

  • It is recommended to book several months in advance to your event date to ensure the date is available. 

  • To place a custom order fill out the inquiry form on the inquire page, if your inquiring about a wedding go ahead and book your cake tasting on the same page. Your cake tasting fee will be deducted when booking our elite service.


  • Delivery is required for all cakes 3 tiers and up. Although delivery is not required for every order it is highly recommended to ensure the order arrives safely. 

  • Delivery is calculated by a set price per mile round trip and with every delivery, a minimum set up fee of $15 is added to the total. 

Care & Instructions:

  • Here at Hey Honey! Cakery, we ensure to create all cakes with proper support and will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur after it has left the studio. 

  • All orders must be kept out of direct sunlight and at a moderate temperature of 75* or lower to maintain integrity of its components.

  • Should you keep the order in a location where the cake is exposed to higher than recommended temperatures, we cannot guarantee the stability of the order and will not accept any responsibility for any changes to its structure or contents as a result.


  • We do accommodate specific allergy requests and ask that we are informed of any know food allergies. 

  • If the specified order has been made to be free of dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, or other allergens, please be aware that the order is made in the same kitchen that uses said allergens.

  • Our products may contain OR may come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk for any allergic reactions. As we understand you will not know if your guests have specific allergies, it is always safe to note on your menu your cake flavors. 

  • Hey Honey! Cakery is NOT responsible for any allergic reactions to guests consuming the product.  

Photo Rights:

  • Hey Honey! Cakery may photograph your cake/order or may order copies of pictures from your photographer. We reserve the right to use any photographs for our own reference or for display and/or promotion without compensation to you.

Hey Honey! Enjoy:

Everyone would love to hear your story and experience with Hey Honey! Cakery! Please be sure to leave reviews on the Hey Honey! Cakery Facebook page and spread the word, as word of mouth is the best advertisement.

Thank you so much for choosing Hey Honey! Cakery as your baker,  we are very grateful to serve our wonderful community and share such precious moments with you. 

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